Celebrating 28 Years Of Ministering

It has been a long sojourn through 28 years in ministry.
A young lad of 15 received the call of Jesus and an unquenchable passion to seek the Truth, the Way and the Life. This quest led him to the abundance of grace in the Lord Jesus.

The beginnings were humble  - prayer gatherings in a rented room. As the numbers grew, fervent prayer was blessed with a larger space and a freedom to worship without being hounded.

Soon, the prayer group came to be established under the banner of  'The Master Ministries'.
An ardent desire to serve the need saw the development of 'The Master Children's Village' to house the orphan and destitute.

Looking back over the 28 years, the journey has been arduous at times with desperate shortage of funds, having to face opposition from society, internal turmoil, etc.  But the grace of the Holy Spirit gas been evident throughout and joy of the Lord has remained the strength of this Church.
Desperate prayers gave birth to an abundance of faith in His grace and mercy.

Today we stand and declare that the Lord has been immensely generous over our endeavours. With over...... branch churches scattered over India and abroad, the Holy Spirit has held us steadfast to the vision and mission appointed to us.
Foray into ministry via the media eleven years ago has seen promotion to owning our own TV channel. Reaching out to the masses around the world through this medium has brought in many weary and hurting souls to the Kingdom of God.

Our mission to serve mankind is never complete till whole communities are transformed and stand prepared for the 'Second Coming' of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

To Him be all the glory and honour!

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