Just Believe

Some people wish they were born during Jesus' time. They could have been a part of his ministry, seen him multiplying bread and fish, walked with him, talked with him, heard him preach, watch him do miracles and heal the sick and much more. They hope to have been there so that they would have readily believed in Jesus.

But in reality, it would have been much more difficult to believe in Jesus. Why is that?
Because Jesus was not like how you see in the pictures painted by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo. He did not have a halo or light radiating from his head or hands. He was an ordinary man among the people.

No one could accept that he was the Messiah. Only when the Father allowed, the people's eyes were opened to the truth.

Nevertheless, it would have been a great blessing to have lived when Jesus was on the earth.

Jesus was just like any other ordinary man. That is why those who walked with him also doubted him at times. He had normal human bodily functions. He grew tired at times, he sweated, ate and drank.
His disciples struggled many times to believe.

Even so, we are blessed to be living in a time like this where we have been gifted the Holy Spirit so that we can believe in him. The salvation that has been given to us is free. Praise God!

Let’s go back to the twin miracles in Mark 5.
  1. The woman who has been bleeding for 12 years.
  2. Jairus' daughter raised to life.

There are two kinds of touch, physical and spiritual touch.

This woman touched Jesus spiritually. No one came to pray over her. She was desperate and went and got hold of Jesus’ cloak. Until and unless you are desperate for deliverance and healing, you will never receive it. You need to believe and you will receive it.

The healing was instantaneous. And she started testifying and telling her story.

At the same time, Jairus had received bad news about his daughter. He was upset and did not know what to do.

Jesus heard this distressing news and he spoke to Jairus.
Mark 5:36
Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

What does the above verse tell you? No matter what terrible things may happen or come your way, you don't need to be worried. Jesus was not worried about the girl's death. Instead all he asked Jairus to do was to believe.

And that is exactly what we need to do. We need to believe and rest in Jesus.

Lazarus is dead! This news too did not shock Jesus. Why?
Because He is the solution. He is the resurrection and life. Does he need to fear death? Jesus is the only one who is qualified to tell you not to fear.

Fear and faith can never live in the same house. Fear and faith are enemies.

Fear can limit the works of God. Faith releases the hand of God.
Man’s extremities are God's opportunities.

Jairus sees no way to save his daughter. All the doors are closed. Many people are in the same condition. They feel all the doors are closed. At times they even feel as they get closer to Jesus, their problems escalate even more.
They are in a much worse situation than before.

What do you do when these thoughts pass your mind?
You need to get much closer to him. You need to have faith. Faith in the one who has called you.

Take the history of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They went around testifying about the Messiah and instead of being acknowledged, they were thrown into a blazing furnace. But their faith did not shake.
And there was a fourth person in that furnace.

Even if everyone else leaves you do not fret. Jesus will never leave you. You do not have to do anything else. Just believe in him.

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About the Author
Dr. Damien Antony
Born and brought up in a Christian family, Dr. Damien Antony possessed an unquenching quest for truth right from his boyhood days and eventually his relentless search led him to the Bible. He is a Revival Preacher, Bible Teacher, Leadership Trainer, Author and a Life Coach. He moves under the anointing for Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance, Inner Healing and Financial Breakthrough. God has also blessed him with an Apostolic Mandate to take the Universal Body of Christ to the next level of revelation and anointing.

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